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added on: January 1, 2023

Kids love Snow White, but everyone loves white teeth! Our cosmetic dentistry in Tomball, Texas, is a magical place that makes all your dental wishes come true. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest medical-grade technology to ensure every treatment is safe, effective, and transforming. With an extensive index of cosmetic options and… Read More

added on: June 1, 2022

Do you have crooked teeth or something you’d like to improve about your smile? You may wonder if clear aligners can improve your smile, and the answer is definitely yes! Northpointe Smiles can help your smile look its best with our Smile clear aligners in Tomball TX. Aligners are a great way to straighten your… Read More

added on: May 1, 2022

Do you have a dental emergency? Dr. Neelima Samineni and Northpointe Smiles offer same-day emergency dental care to help you when you need it most. We know that you can’t wait days or weeks to see a dentist when you have a dental emergency, so we’re here to help.  Call us at 832-479-3214   What… Read More

added on: November 19, 2020

At our Tomball dental office we detect tooth decay and cavities at an early stage using the latest technology and do minimally invasive treatments before the cavities get bigger. Cavities are caused by an infectious disease called caries. There are many reasons why cavities occur. poor oral hygiene diet and carbonated drinks excessive plaque left… Read More

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